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  Blue Flower/Flor Azul is a public art project by Federico Muelas, to be constructed at the University of New Mexico's Albuquerque campus.  The main web page for the project can be found at  Concept and objectives there should be reviewed before continueing here.

  The purpose of these pages is to be a place where people taking part in the construction, and later operation, of the project to find specifications, instructions, and to download programs.

  The display screen is NPD-LCD film pixels arranged as a disc 70 pixels high by 70 pixels wide, with a diameter of about 28 feet.  See for information about the film.  A Windows XP (™ Microsoft) PC controls the on/off state of the pixels via EIA-485 serial link to PIC (™ Microchip) microcontrollers. The PICs select the bytes from the asyncronous stream and generate clock and strobe pulses for shift registers.  Parallel outputs of the shift registers drive TRIAC triggers to apply power to the pixels.

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